ARPA Mainnet Mining Pool Now Live for Staking

Dear ARPA community and supporters,

We are pleased to announce that ARPA’s pre-alpha mainnet mining pool is now live and accepting staking. Users can choose a mining pool, stake their ARPA tokens and start earning computation rewards.

ARPA mainnet mining pool is designed to lower the threshold for users to participate in the ARPA mainnet secure multi-party computation. By staking no less than 50,000 ARPA to the designated mining pool, users can participate in multi-party computation(MPC). With successful completion of each task, users will receive mainnet mining reward.

Mining pool Live time: May 8, 2020

Annualized Mining Reward: 15% ~25%

Minimum Staking Amount: 50,000 ARPA

Staking Cap per pool: 3,000,000 ARPA

Current total cap: 15,000,000 ARPA

Mining pool:

「How Does Mining Pool Work?」

Nodes are an integral part of ARPA mainnet. By receiving and completing multiparty computation tasks, they earn reward and keep ARPA’s privacy-preserving computation network functional.

As an ARPA mainnet node, each participant needs to stake minimum 500,000 ARPA and deploy an individual node in order to participate in the multiparty computation. The threshold is relatively high and can be out-of-reach for some individual ARPA holders.

Therefore the mainnet mining pool was created. In case of the mining pool, stakers can come together and pool their ARPA tokens.

After the computing nodes complete the computing tasks, the rewards are distributed to the users pro rata in the mining pool.

Below is an example to demonstrate how the mining pool distributes reward:

  • Mining pool A receives 15 ARPA upon successful completion of an MPC task.

「About ARPA Mainnet」

The pre-alpha version of the ARPA mainnet was officially launched on January 6, 2020. Till this date, it has successfully completed more than 30,000 secure multi-party computation (MPC) tasks and maintained an extremely high success rate.

To access ARPA mainnet:

「Mainnet Browser」

Every user can see live mainnet stats on the ARPA mainnet explorer. These include the number of completed tasks, task number, task ID, the number of nodes participating in the computation, current calculation reward, and timestamp.

To access ARPA mainnet explorer:

The goal for ARPA is to educate users around the world about privacy-preserving computation, make it more accessible to every enterprise and individual and eventually implement this amazing technology. We believe the creation of mining pool is an important milestone in making privacy-preserving computation mainstream.

ARPA Foundation

May 8, 2020



ARPA is a privacy-preserving blockchain infrastructure enabled by MPC. Learn more at

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ARPA is a privacy-preserving blockchain infrastructure enabled by MPC. Learn more at