ARPA Monthly Report | August Progress Review

01 ARPA Development Dynamics & Technology Progress

  • Added data persistence layer on ARPA Network node
  • Added demo mode on ARPA Network node
  • Refactored on-chain identity and contract communication layer on ARPA Network node

02 Community, Marketing & Listings

ARPA Co-hosted LINK by STILLLIFE with STILLLIFE Art Community

Maverick Twitter Space | Felix Xu, Co-Founder of ARPA Network and Bella Protocol — NFTs in DeFi

ARPA Co-hosted Web3 Hollywood Night

Featured on CryptoMeina x Bitpush | Felix Xu, CEO and Co-Founder of ARPA — ETH Merge and Fork

ARPA Listed on Bitrue

Citiesabc Podcast Series | Felix Xu, CEO of ARPA and Bella Protocol — The Future of Decentralized Finance

ARPA Listed in Top Projects with Fully Diluted Market Cap under $100M by CryptoDep

$ARPA Listed in Top-15 Coins by Trending Search On Binance

About ARPA



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ARPA Official

ARPA Official


ARPA is a privacy-preserving blockchain infrastructure enabled by MPC. Learn more at