ARPA Monthly Report | March Progress Review

01 ARPA Development Dynamics & Technology Progress


  • New functions — back-end functions and API design of staking pool
  • Registered the staking pool node and designed the reward database
  • Upgraded the reward calculation functionality
  • Mainnet administrator dashboard design and development
  • Developed and updated the cancel function of MPC node
  • Designed and developed the front end of the staking pool
  • Optimized the existing front-end API call rules to speed up the page response
  • Upgraded the mainnet wallet page, split MPC node application and pledge the pool
  • Cooperated with API upgrade to complete front-end access
  • Fixed the bug where the total reward amount is incorrectly displayed for some users when the total number of rewards is more than 6,000.
  • Optimized withdrawal workflow to avoid withdrawal failure when the total number of rewards is more than 6,000.
  • Designed the user pledged pool process and front-end; implemented the mining pool components
  • Completed the local testing of user pledged pool process
  • Redesigned the pool functionality, which would allow the users to pledge to a certain pool node multiple times, and users would simultaneously pledge multiple pool nodes
  • Redesigned and implemented the mining pool revenue calculation logic, and calculated the revenue by the users’ total pledge amount of different pools
  • Researched on the robustness and identifiable abort of threshold signature
  • Researched on signature aggregation protocol based on Schnorr scheme
  • Researched on signature aggregation protocol based on BLS curve signature
  • Investigated the auditable secp256k1 threshold signature algorithm
  • Specification design of distributed random number algorithm for node election
  • Survey of secure channels for threshold signatures
  • Designed fixed address relay service architecture for BTC and ETH
  • Researched on general asymmetric and asynchronous MPC protocol

02 Community, Marketing & Listings

Establishment of African Community

About ARPA



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