ARPA Monthly Report | October Progress Review

Dear ARPA community,

To ensure that the ARPA community is well-informed on the team’s latest improvement, we update ARPA’s development dynamics and progress through our monthly report. Thank you all for your support!

This is a look back at October. Enjoy!

01 ARPA Development Dynamics & Technology Progress

02 Community, Marketing & Listings

ARPA Deposit Open on

On October 29th, ARPA token deposit was opened on Users are now able to deposit ARPA and trade it against USDT. More to come!

ARPA Listed on

On October 22th, ARPA was listed on the App. App users can now purchase ARPA at true cost with USD, EUR, GBP and over 20 fiat currencies, and spend it at nearly 70 million merchants globally using the Visa Card. Download the App to start trading ARPA at Read more here:

ARPA Listed on AOFEX

On October 19th, ARPA was listed on AOFEX. We have been actively expanding around the globe. Thank you for your consistent support and please stay tuned for more exciting news to come! The official AOFEX announcement can be traced here:

ARPA Staking Special: Enjoy Up to 21.25% APY and Share 175,000 ARPA Rewards

On October 20th, Binance Staking officially launched a series of new high-yield ARPA Locked Staking activities:

Activity 1: Deposit & Stake ARPA for 15, 30, 60 or 90 Days, Enjoy Up to 21.25% APY

Activity 2: Buy & Stake ARPA to Share 175,000 ARPA

For details about the staking activities, please refer to the official announcement here:

ARPA Launched on

On October 19th, ARPA was launched on and in the iOS & Android apps. Users may need to update their apps to buy, sell, convert, send, receive or store ARPA in most Coinbase-supported regions, with certain exceptions indicated in each asset page. Trading is also supported on Coinbase Pro. Read the original announcement here:

Binance Futures Launched USDT-Margined ARPA Perpetual Contract with Up to 25X Leverage

On October 19th, Binance futures launched USDT margined ARPA perpetual contract with up to 25X leverage. ARPA perpetual contracts are USDT-margined futures contracts that use USDT as collateral. Users will be able to select among 1x to 25x leverage. For further information regarding the trading rules of USDT Futures Contracts, leverage and margin of USDT futures contracts, please see the Binance official announcement here:

Cointelegraph | How blockchain technology can pave the way to a new future, explained

Blockchain technology offers endless opportunities for individuals & enterprises wishing to achieve secure transaction privacy. On October 18th, Cointelegraph published an article and explained how blockchain can pave the way to a new future and how ARPA is helping along the way:

ARPA Launched on Coinbase Pro

As we have been receiving requests from our communities to expand ARPA to more major exchanges, we are proud to announce that ARPA is now launched on Coinbase Pro. Starting October 18th, token holders from certain regions can trade ARPA on Coinbase Pro. Support for ARPA will generally be available in Coinbase’s supported jurisdictions with certain exceptions as indicated in the ARPA asset page here. You can sign up for a Coinbase Pro account to start trading. For more information on trading ARPA on Coinbase Pro, visit the announcement page here:

ARPA Listed on Tokocrypto

On October 15th, ARPA was listed on Tokocrypto with multiple pairs against USDT, BUSD, BTC, and BNB. For more details, please refer to the original announcement here:

Synopsis 2021 Character Theta Drop ARPA NFT Cards

On October 15th, 600 legendary ARPA NFT cards were released on Theta Drop in collaboration with Synopsis 2021 and Theta Network. See the drop at:

Blockleaders | ARPA To Launch Its Randomness Generator ‘Randcast’

Data sharing between any two systems is a complex problem. ARPA believes that these problems need to be tackled in the metaverse space. This is why the ARPA team is developing Randcast, an architecture that is designed with advanced encryption algorithms to bring true randomness into the marketplace. Check out this announcement published by Blockleaders on October 14th and see how Randcast will help create a fair and secure metaverse:

Meet Randcast: Architecture Design Topping Off, Alpha Version in Early 2022

On October 22th, ARPA announced its roadmap update and introduced Randcast, a verifiable, decentralized, low cost, high-efficiency random number generator to empower the creators of the metaverse. Anything worth having is worth waiting for, the architecture of Randcast is prudently designed with the equipment of sophisticated encryption algorithms, in which ARPA has strong confidence building on years of work in this field. Explore more details here:

ARPA & Binance TR — 300.000 TRY Barley Competition

From October 8th to October 13th, ARPA collaborated with Binance TR and held a trading competition. 300,000 TRY rewards were distributed in 5 days, 100 lucky winners were randomly drawn to win 500 TRY in ARPA each. The detailed recap of the event could be found here:Şampiyonlar-ve-Şanslılar-300-000-TRY-Ödüllü-ARPA-Yarışması

ARPA x Binance Russian AMA with CEO Felix Xu

On October 7th, ARPA’s Co-Founder and CEO, Felix Xu, conducted an AMA session with the Binance Russian community on Telegram. We hope you enjoyed the session and appreciate your faith and support!

ARPA x Binance en Español AMA with CEO Yemu Xu

On October 5th, ARPA’s Co-Founder, Yemu Xu, conducted an AMA session in the Binance en Español community on Telegram. Yemu answered the most popular questions that the community had for the past few weeks and gave an overview of the latest Product Roadmaps.

ARPA x Binance Czech & Slovak AMA with CEO Felix Xu

On October 4th, ARPA’s Co-Founder and CEO, Felix Xu, conducted an AMA session with the Binance Czech & Slovak community on Telegram. We hope you enjoyed the session and thank you for your consistent love and support!

About ARPA

ARPA is a blockchain-based solution for privacy-preserving computation, enabled by Multi-Party Computation (“MPC”). Founded in April 2018, the goal of ARPA is to separate data utility from ownership and enable data renting. ARPA’s MPC protocol creates ways for multiple entities to collaboratively analyze data and extract data synergies while keeping each party’s data input private and secure. ARPA allows secret sharing of private data, and the correctness of computation is verifiable using the information-theoretic Message Authentication Code (MAC).

Developers can build privacy-preserving dApps on blockchains compatible with ARPA. Some immediate use cases include: credit anti-fraud, secure data wallet, precision marketing, joint AI model training, key management systems, etc. For example, banks using the ARPA network can share their credit blacklist for risk management purposes without exposing their customer data or privacy.

Team members have worked at leading institutions such as Google, Amazon, Huawei, Fosun, Tsinghua University, Fidelity Investments. ARPA is currently assisting the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in setting the national standard for secure multi-party computation. ARPA is a corporate member of MPC Alliance and IEEE and is in partnership with fortune 500 companies to implement proofs-of-concept and MPC products. In 2019, ARPA was named the Top 10 most innovative blockchain companies in China by China Enterprise News and China Software Industry Association.

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