ARPA Monthly Report | September Progress Review

Dear ARPA community,

To ensure that the ARPA community is well-informed on the team’s latest improvement, we update ARPA’s development dynamics and progress through our monthly report. Thank you all for your support!

This is a look back at September. Enjoy!

01 ARPA Development Dynamics & Technology Progress

02 Community, Marketing & Listings

Binance x ARPA Chain Live AMA with CEO Felix Xu

On October 1st, ARPA’s Co-Founder and CEO, Felix Xu, conducted a live AMA session with Binance Australia Marketing manager, Davis. Felix discussed ARPA’s new product — verifiable randomness for GameFi and NFT, details in October; data privacy legislations & privacy-preserving computation; and how the ARPA team collaborates remotely across multiple timezones. ARPA had lots of fun during the session. Thank you so much for being so supportive! Stay tuned for our further collaboration!

ARPA Race: Up to 377,500 ARPA Tokens to Be Won!

On September 30th, ARPA revealed its new fiat campaign with Binance. The activity Period would be 2021–09–30 09:00 AM (UTC) to 2021–10–06 11:59 PM (UTC). The “Race to the Top” Trade & Win activity features a prize pool of 360,000 ARPA tokens, exclusive to the top 50 users by net transaction volume during the activity period. Come hop on the train and learn more about the detailed participation rules here:

2021 Q3 Quarterly Token Burn: 5 million ARPA Tokens Burnt

On September 30th, ARPA foundation conducted a round of quarterly token burn as we mentioned in the earlier roadmap update. 5,000,000 ARPA tokens were burnt in this round, worth about $345,545 at the current price. By the end of this round of token burn, the total amount of ARPA burnt adds up to 152,000,000, accounting for 15.2% of the circulation supply(1,000,000,000), 7.6% of the total supply(2,000,000,000), worth around 10,500,000 USD as of now. Check out the details here:

ARPA/BUSD Trading Pair Added on Binance

On September 30th, ARPA/BUSD trading pair was opened on Binance. ARPA will always listen to the community and try our best to bring benefit for our supporters and holders! Read the full announcement here:

Buy ARPA Tokens Directly Using Your Credit/Debit Card

On September 30th, Binance opened more new fiat-to-token listings for ARPA. New fiat currencies available for ARPA token purchase are: AUD, BRL, CLP, COP, CZK, DOP, EUR, GBP, KZT, MXN, PAB, PEN, PHP, PLN, RUB, SVC, TWD, UAH, VEB. Users can now purchase ARPA using credit/debit cards with major fiat currencies via the Buy Crypto with Credit/Debit Card feature. Check out the full announcement here:

ARPA x Binance Ukraine AMA with CEO Felix Xu

On September 30th, ARPA’s Co-Founder and CEO, Felix Xu, conducted an AMA session with the Binance Ukraine community on Telegram. We hope you enjoyed the session and thank you for your consistent love and support!

ARPA x Binance Kazakhstan AMA with CEO Felix Xu

On September 30th, ARPA’s Co-Founder and CEO, Felix Xu, conducted an AMA session with the Binance Kazakhstan community on Telegram. We appreciate all your faith and support!

ARPA/RUB Trading Pair Added on Binance

On September 24th, ARPA/RUB trading pair was opened on Binance after Turkish Lira, KRW, and VND. Thank you to all of our communities for supporting us! Read the full announcement here:

ARPA Listed in TOP-15 Projects Between $50M and $80M Market Cap with the Potential to Grow by CryptoDiffer

On September 23rd, ARPA was listed in the ”TOP-15 Projects Between $50M and $80M Market Cap with the Potential to Grow” by CryptoDiffer. Thank you for being a proud ARPA supporter!

ARPA x Binance TR AMA with CEO Felix Xu

On September 7th, ARPA’s Co-Founder and CEO, Felix Xu, conducted an AMA session in the Binance TR community on Telegram. Felix answered the most popular questions that the community had for the past few weeks and gave an overview of the latest Product Roadmaps. The AMA was moderated with the great help of Binance Angels: Atakan and Coskun! ARPA had so much fun in this fantastic AMA session. Thanks Binance TR for hosting us and the tremendous assistance! Read the full AMA recap here:

ARPA/TRY Trading Pair Added on Binance

On September 3rd, ARPA/TRY trading pair was opened on Binance. ARPA’s Turkish community, being one of our core communities, is always energetic and supportive. The opening of the ARPA/TRY trading pair will open up doors for our Turkish enthusiasts and investors. TRY on-ramp is another milestone for ARPA and will further expand the reach and community of ARPA. Thanks for your support! We’ll have more exciting news soon.

Read more here:

About ARPA

ARPA is a blockchain-based solution for privacy-preserving computation, enabled by Multi-Party Computation (“MPC”). Founded in April 2018, the goal of ARPA is to separate data utility from ownership and enable data renting. ARPA’s MPC protocol creates ways for multiple entities to collaboratively analyze data and extract data synergies while keeping each party’s data input private and secure. ARPA allows secret sharing of private data, and the correctness of computation is verifiable using the information-theoretic Message Authentication Code (MAC).

Developers can build privacy-preserving dApps on blockchains compatible with ARPA. Some immediate use cases include: credit anti-fraud, secure data wallet, precision marketing, joint AI model training, key management systems, etc. For example, banks using the ARPA network can share their credit blacklist for risk management purposes without exposing their customer data or privacy.

Team members have worked at leading institutions such as Google, Amazon, Huawei, Fosun, Tsinghua University, Fidelity Investments. ARPA is currently assisting the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology in setting the national standard for secure multi-party computation. ARPA is a corporate member of MPC Alliance and IEEE and is in partnership with fortune 500 companies to implement proofs-of-concept and MPC products. In 2019, ARPA was named the Top 10 most innovative blockchain companies in China by China Enterprise News and China Software Industry Association.

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