ARPA Monthly Update | November

01 ARPA Development Dynamics & Technology Progress

  1. The mainnet was upgraded to a serverless architecture, which improved the availability and scalability.
  2. The computing algorithm was developed the performance balance was tested for the mainnet.
  1. Designed the front-end solution for the mainnet.
  2. Completed the selection of the back-end technical stack for user interactions on the mainnet.
  3. The back-end development for user interaction on the mainnet is ongoing.
  4. Completed the user interaction module for the mainnet.
  5. Optimized the interaction logic layer for the mainnet.
  6. Tested and iterated the functional modules for the mainnet.
  1. Upgraded the script for MPC deployment and supported both local and cloud deployment.
  2. Completed engineering evaluation for upgrade and integration of the MPC kernel version.
  3. Developed a test environment for configuring a new MPC kernel version.
  4. Detailed the method for selecting MPC nodes.
  1. Tested the two-party privacy intersection function and the intersection summation performance for localization.
  2. Developed multi-party privacy intersection function based on secret sharing.
  3. Designed multi-party privacy intersection function with limited rounds based on a hybrid circuit.
  4. Tested the secure multi-party computing efficiency based on secret sharing in the binary field.
  5. Completed the local performance test, remote deployment, and test for PSI.
  6. Conducted advanced research on the federal learning architecture based on addition homomorphic encryption.

02 Community, Marketing & Listings

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