ARPA Monthly Update | September

  • Developed key management system based on MP-ECDSA
  • Developed distributed signature protocol multi-party point-to-point and broadcast communication module
  • Developed partial homomorphic protocol for the shallow multiplication based on Paillier additive homomorphism
  • Developed and optimized nonlinear-linear secret sharing conversion module based on partial homomorphism
  • Developed secret sharing verification module for strong security requirements
  • Designed Feldmon verifiable secret sharing protocol architecture
  • Developed commitment protocol based on SHA256 hash algorithm
  • MPC maintenance: updated dependent library and environment version; fixed the test network
  • MPC engineering design: completed the previous iteration plan
  • ​Upgraded MPC automatic deployment plan
  • Replaced dependent EC operational library, and expanded parameter options that are supported
  • Realized distributed generation of keys based on Feldman VSS
  • ​Developed Commitment and ZKP modules for generating public keys
  • Completed iteration of Apollo website, displayed relevant information based on business requirements and updated related components
  • ​Explored the possibilities of supporting business needs by using mobile app
  • Optimized the stability of Staking system
  • Completed the invitation module, and added the function of pledge invitation and fission invitation
  • Added the My Pledge module
  • Implemented real-time interest calculation
  • ​Optimized the back-end interest calculation module and started daily interest calculation 15th, September.

About ARPA

ARPA is committed to providing secure data transfer solutions based on cryptographic operations for businesses and individuals.



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ARPA Official

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