ARPA Named as China’s Top 10 Innovative Blockchain Company in 2019

On December 21st 2019, the 17th China Enterprise Development Forum was successfully held at China’s Great Hall of the People in Beijing. China Enterprise Federation, China Entrepreneurs Association, and China Software Association co-hosted and co-sponsored the event. Over 30 state leaders, provincial and city authorities, 100+ state-owned enterprises and 300+ leading Chinese entrepreneurs attended the forum.

During the Forum, ARPA was awarded as “China’s Top 10 Innovative Blockchain Company”, along with Tencent Blockchain, Baidu Xuperchain, Wanxiang Blockchain, JD Blockchain and others.

ARPA is the only startup to receive such honor on national level, recognized by state government. This marks the recognition of the privacy-preserving computation and ARPA’s vision on the state level. This also makes possible the future collaboration with China Software Industry Association for the adoption of blockchain and privacy-preserving technology.

Felix Xu and Yemu Xu, co-founders of ARPA, were invited to the forum in the Great Hall of the People as two of the most highly-selected entrepreneurs in Blockchain sector. Felix Xu participated in “Digital Economy Evolution for Traditional Industries” session as a panelist.

ARPA team outside of the Great Hall of the People
ARPA team outside of the auditorium, at the Great Hall of the People

“Privacy-preserving technology is an important infrastructure for data monetization and artificial intelligence.” Said Felix Xu during the panel.

Following the panel, Felix Xu was interviewed by mainstream media including Xinhua Agency, the People’s Daily, and China Enterprise News.

Felix being interviewed by state media
ARPA Coverage on China Enterprise News

About China Enterprise Development Forum

China’s Enterprise Development Forum have been successfully held for 16 consecutive sessions, and have exerted extensive influence in China’s business, government and academia. The forum activities have received the attention and support of national leaders and leaders of multiple ministries and commissions of the State Council. Wang Guangying, Xu Jialu, Jiang Zhenghua, Gu Xiulian, Zhou Tienong, Wang Wenyuan, Chen Changzhi, Wang Zhongyu, Wang Qinmin and other national leaders have attended this year’s forum.

China’s top 500 companies and a large number of influential entrepreneurs have also participated in the event. Past guests and speakers include Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, Ren Zhengfei, founder & CEO of Huawei Technologies and Tony Ma, founder of Tencent.

About China Software Industry Association

The China Software Industry Association (CSIA) is the major representative and one of the most active associations in the China software industry. Its goal is to promote the development of software industry in China and provide a hub with overseas markets.

The organization has also be empowered by the nation’s state country under the “№18 Document” as part of the 46 local software industry associations to become a key tool to the country’s information industry.

In its operations, the organization is nationally accredited by creating forums, intellectual property rights protection, and other activities related to setting industry regulation drivers within the country. The organization’s members include major multinational corporations such as Microsoft as it enables them to meet fellow software industry organizations, innovators, and enhance the industry.

About China Enterprise News

China Enterprise News, the core media of China Enterprise News Co., Ltd., is the only central newspaper in China that focuses on enterprises and entrepreneurs. It is headed by the China Enterprise Confederation and the China Entrepreneurs Association, and is publicly distributed at home and abroad.

About ARPA

ARPA is committed to providing secure data transfer solutions based on cryptographic operations for businesses and individuals.

The ARPA secure multi-party computing network can be used as a protocol layer to implement privacy computing capabilities for public chains, and it enables developers to build efficient, secure, and data-protected business applications on private smart contracts. Enterprise and personal data can, therefore, be analyzed securely on the ARPA computing network without fear of exposing the data to any third party.

ARPA’s multi-party computing technology supports secure data markets, precision marketing, credit score calculations, and even the safe realization of personal data.

ARPA’s core team is international, with PhDs in cryptography from Tsinghua University, experienced systems engineers from Google, Uber, Amazon, Huawei and Mitsubishi, blockchain experts from the University of Tokyo, AIG, and the World Bank. We also have hired data scientists from CircleUp, as well as financial and data professionals from Fosun and Fidelity Investments.

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