ARPA Officially Launched in Korean and Vietnamese Markets

In Korea

Speaking at Korean Fintech Summit by IT Chosun

ARPA’s cofounder and CEO Felix Xu will speak at Korean Fintech Summit hosted by IT Chosun on Dec 5. ARPA CEO Felix, R3, Kakao Bank, Woori Bank, Baidu, Samsung, Nestle will give speeches on various topics.

Listed on Coinone

ARPA went online and started transactions with Korean Won at Coinone, which is one of the largest exchanges in Korea.

Partnership with the Largest Crypto Platform Cobak

Cobak ( has joined as the lastest ARPA supernode.

  • Android/iOS Downloads 250,000+
  • MAU(Monthly Active User) 200,000+
  • DAU(Daily Active User) 30,000+
  • ERC-20 Wallets 60,000+

Interview with Chosun IT

Meetup in Seoul

Interview with The Nodist

In Vietnam

Partnership with Largest Crypto Platform BigCoin

BigCoin, the largest blockchain developer community in Vietnam, officially announced a partnership with ARPA and will become an ARPA supernode in the future.

Community Meetup in Vietnam

The ARPA community in Vietnam organized a consensus meeting in Hanoi. In the meeting, the ARPA community introduced and discussed on the technical advance of MPC in privacy data security, ARPA token transactions on Binance DEX through Trust Wallet, and ARPA’s landing on the main website of Binance.

About ARPA

ARPA is committed to providing secure data transfer solutions based on cryptographic operations for businesses and individuals.



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ARPA Official

ARPA Official


ARPA is a privacy-preserving blockchain infrastructure enabled by MPC. Learn more at