ARPA Partners with HitBTC, Listing to Follow on March 9th

Dear ARPA community,

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with HitBTC, a leading trading platform based in the UK. The two will collaborate in areas such as community building and the application of MPC as well as threshold signature in areas such as decentralized exchange (DEX) and decentralized finance(DeFi). The partnership will bring ARPA a strong alliance in the EU area, which will be a great and integral addition to the ARPA global community.

At the same time , ARPA/BTC and ARPA/USDT trading pairs will be listed on HitBTC and at 3pm March 9th UTC.

To celebrate the listing of ARPA on HitBTC, 500,000 ARPA will be airdropped to participants who make deposits on HitBTC. More details to come.

About HitBTC

HitBTC was founded in the United Kingdom in 2013. It is one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, known to public along with other reputable exchanges such as Bitfinex, Bittrex and BitMex. HitBTC is known for its advanced matching engine, multi-currency support system and customer-friendly service.

With more than 800 markets, HitBTC is the crypto exchange with the most trading pairs and markets in the world. . Furthermore, HitBTC has maintained error-free since its establishment in 2013.

According to the global exchange liquidity ranking launched by CoinMarketCap, HitBTC has been consistently ranked among the top 3 of the 50 most liquid exchanges since the launch of the ranking in August 2019.

HitBTC has been ranked among the top three of the 50 most liquid exchanges since the launch of the ranking by CMC in August 2019

ARPA is the world’s leading privacy-preserving computation network. ARPA launched the pre-alpha mainnet on January 6. ARPA’s mainnet has performed more than 10,000 MPC computations successfully at the moment.

ARPA assisted the China academy of information and communication technology (CAICT) in formulating the MPC national standard with Alibaba, Baidu and Ant Financial. ARPA also joined IEEE as an enterprise member and participated in the development of IEEE P2830 Shared Machine Learning standards. ARPA is an MPC Alliance corporate member, which is the first global organization for secure multi-party computing technology.

ARPA has a global community consisting of nine languages. Besides the Chinese community with 90k+ members and the English community with 30k+ members, there are more than 9,000 members in Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Turkish and Korean communities.

As part of the strategic partnership , the two parties will join hands and explore the application of ARPA’s threshold signature technology decentralized exchange and the implementation of threshold signature technology in the key management and decentralized finance. HitBTC will also advance the ARPA’s community and awareness in EU.

HitBTC has more than 240,000 fans and users worldwide. The corporation of ARPA and HitBTC will greatly expand the market coverage of these two parties in Europe, China and all around the world.

About ARPA

ARPA is committed to providing secure data transfer solutions based on cryptographic operations for businesses and individuals.

The ARPA secure multi-party computing network can be used as a protocol layer to implement privacy computing capabilities for public chains, and it enables developers to build efficient, secure, and data-protected business applications on private smart contracts. Enterprise and personal data can, therefore, be analyzed securely on the ARPA computing network without fear of exposing the data to any third party.

ARPA’s multi-party computing technology supports secure data markets, precision marketing, credit score calculations, and even the safe realization of personal data.

ARPA’s core team is international, with PhDs in cryptography from Tsinghua University, experienced systems engineers from Google, Uber, Amazon, Huawei and Mitsubishi, blockchain experts from the University of Tokyo, AIG, and the World Bank. We also have hired data scientists from CircleUp, as well as financial and data professionals from Fosun and Fidelity Investments.

For more information about ARPA, or to join our team, please contact us at or reach us at:

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ARPA is a privacy-preserving blockchain infrastructure enabled by MPC. Learn more at

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ARPA Official

ARPA Official

ARPA is a privacy-preserving blockchain infrastructure enabled by MPC. Learn more at

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