ARPA Randcast and Cradles Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Web3 Gaming Innovation

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3 min readApr 10, 2024

ARPA Network, the powerhouse behind Randcast, a secure on-chain verifiable random number generator (RNG), is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Cradles, an AAA MMORPG blockchain game known for its unique blend of PvP, PvE, and ecological strategy gameplay. This collaboration signifies a monumental stride in ARPA’s pursuit to nurture the evolution of Web3 gaming experiences.

Cradles distinguishes itself with its captivating gameplay, offering an adventure where exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving converge within a dynamically evolving universe, meticulously designed to mirror the laws of real-world physics and the passage of time. Since its launch in July 2021, Cradles has been committed to delivering an enriching, immersive gaming experience. As adventurers, players traverse expansive landscapes, unravel historical tales, and engage with sophisticated game mechanics. In Cradles, players are not merely competitors or allies; they are architects of the ecosystem’s destiny.

This strategic collaboration embarks on a journey to blend ARPA’s cryptographic expertise and Randcast’s dev-friendly sample SDKs with Cradles’ innovative gaming mechanics to forge new frontiers in gaming experiences. Together, we aspire to enrich the gaming community with unparalleled adventures and discoveries.

Felix Xu, CEO of ARPA Network, expressed his excitement for the collaboration: “Partnering with Cradles opens exciting new avenues for ARPA in the Web3 gaming realm. We are keen to see how our combined technologies and innovative approaches can create a gaming experience that is not only more immersive but also fundamentally fairer for players across the globe.”

“At Cradles, we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible in blockchain gaming,” said Abner Koengdsorf, CEO of Cradles. “Partnering with ARPA Network and integrating their cutting-edge Randcast RNG technology allows us to introduce truly random and unpredictable elements into our game mechanics and world generation. This unlocks new levels of immersion, replayability and fair gameplay that benefits our community of adventurers. We’re thrilled to collaborate with the ARPA team to craft gaming experiences that leverage blockchain in innovative ways.”

Looking ahead, the partnership between ARPA Network and Cradles is poised to introduce a spectrum of novel applications and gaming experiences. From pioneering unique game mechanics and enriching NFT attributes to cultivating a fully immersive virtual world, the collaboration between ARPA Randcast and Cradles promises to inaugurate a new epoch of creativity and player engagement within the expanding Web3 gaming landscape.

About Cradles

Cradles is a world’s top 3A game, also a solution for all the open world. For Cradles players, you can do PvE, PvP in the game with the most exciting experience, with more than 40 countries’ players all over the world. Also, Cradles are creating infrastructures for the open world lovers to generate their own future world. Also, players can use the tools to customize a dream world, by using Cradles’ technology. Moreover, Cradles now is looking into the Meme industry, and will build a meme world for all the meme lovers to generate their own values there.

About ARPA

ARPA Network (ARPA) is a decentralized secure computation network built to improve the fairness, security, and privacy of blockchains. ARPA threshold BLS signature network serves as the infrastructure of verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG), secure wallet, cross-chain bridge, and decentralized custody across multiple blockchains.

ARPA was previously known as ARPA Chain, a privacy-preserving Multi-party Computation (MPC) network founded in 2018. ARPA Mainnet has completed over 224,000 computation tasks in the past years. Our experience in MPC and other cryptography laid the foundation for our innovative threshold BLS signature schemes (TSS-BLS) system design and led us to today’s ARPA Network.

Randcast, a verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG), is the first application that leverages ARPA as infrastructure. Randcast offers a cryptographically generated random source with superior security and low cost compared to other solutions. Metaverse, game, lottery, NFT minting and whitelisting, key generation, and blockchain validator task distribution can benefit from Randcast’s tamper-proof randomness.

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