Node Registration Opens as ARPA Mainnet Set to Launch on January 6th

  • All inputs are encrypted during whole computation process
  • MPC Analytics: evaluating average and standard deviation of a list of statistical variables
  • MPC Advanced Arithmetic: calculating exponentiation and logarithm of integers
  • MPC Linear Regression: finding out the linear relation between a set of variables.
  • MPC Matrix Multiplication: computing vector and matrix multiplications, including dot product and cross product
  • MPC Trigonometry: calculating the sine, cosine and tangent of angles in radians
  • MPC Value at Risk: based on real stocks price, statistically calculating the “value at risk” or VaR risk parameter for the investment portfolio.
  • MPC Bit Operation: operating array storing binary number, including different type of bit operations
  • MPC Sorting: sorting a list of floating point numbers using bubble-sort algorithm

Bootstrapping Reward Details for Pre-alpha Mainnet

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ARPA Official

ARPA Official

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