Randcast Integrates Redstone: Accelerating Enhancement of On-Chain Gaming Experience and Autonomous Worlds Building

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4 min readApr 18, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Randcast on Redstone (testnet)! Redstone is an Optimistic Rollup layer-2 framework crafted by Lattice. Lattice’s expertise in on-chain gaming is currently guiding the Autonomous Worlds (AW) initiative and enriching the development landscape through the MUD framework, which powers diverse on-chain games from OPCraft to Sky Strife, CCP’s Project Awakening to Primodium.

This pivotal stride toward broadening ARPA’s horizons and reinforcing our capabilities bolsters our commitment to spearheading the exploration of Fully On-chain Game (FOCG) and AW.

Why Redstone?

We selected Redstone as the fourth chain to integrate Randcast, following the successful launch on Ethereum and integration with Optimism and Base. This decision is driven by several compelling factors.

EVM-compatible and OP Stack-based. Redstone operates as an Ethereum blockchain, drawing the majority of its security assurances from layer-1. Its foundational architecture, inspired by Optimism Rollup, facilitates a seamless integration process.

Innovative Alternative Data Availability (DA) Architecture. Redstone operates like a traditional optimistic rollup, except instead of posting the entire input state to L1, it posts a data commitment hash. The input state corresponding to the input commitment is stored off-chain by a Data Availability Provider. This is coupled with a permissionless DA challenge mechanism on the Ethereum L1, allowing for cost-effective alt-DA without relying on a permissioned DA council or on DA networks outside of Ethereum.

Strong compatibility with MUD. Lattice’s another distinguished creation, MUD, an open-source on-chain framework, is considered to be the engine of Autonomous Worlds. Having already supported several prominent FOCGs like Sky Strife, OPCraft, and Primodium, MUD is poised to facilitate the development of additional games. Redstone inherently benefits from being highly compatible with applications built on MUD.

Randcast and Redstone: Elevating On-Chain Gaming

The integration of Randcast with Redstone aligns perfectly with our dedication to delivering a seamless and enriched on-chain gaming experience. Together, we anticipate streamlining the developer experience for those crafting ambitious applications and worlds.

While Redstone aims to push the limits of what is possible to build on the EVM from the fundamental layer’s perspective, Randcast’s dev-friendly Smart Contract SDK allows for the effortless integration of randomness oracle into dApps. The SDK is designed to be flexible and extensible. The SDK is written in Solidity and can be used in any EVM-compatible blockchain. It aims to help request randomness as well as consume randomness in a secure and easy way.

Randcast users can leverage our Randcast CLI tool to manage their subscription and consumer contracts, read and filter historical requests and fulfillment results, and estimate the gas cost of the callback function, all in one place. This is our recommended method to interact with Randcast, but we also offer additional methods, such as direct contract interaction.

What’s Next?

This integration with Redstone is a significant stride in our ongoing journey to explore and expand across multiple ecosystems. As we delve into research for potential integration with other OP Stack chains, we are also actively working on incorporating Randcast into MUD. We aim to benefit developers using the engine with standardized and modularized randomness functionalities, empowering them to concentrate on the creative aspects of game development.

The successful launch on Redstone and the forthcoming integration with MUD are just further steps toward the promising future of FOCG and Autonomous Worlds. Our journey into uncharted territory persists, and we are confident in encountering more like-minded trailblazers. Stay tuned for more updates!

About ARPA

ARPA Network (ARPA) is a decentralized secure computation network built to improve the fairness, security, and privacy of blockchains. ARPA threshold BLS signature network serves as the infrastructure of verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG), secure wallet, cross-chain bridge, and decentralized custody across multiple blockchains.

ARPA was previously known as ARPA Chain, a privacy-preserving Multi-party Computation (MPC) network founded in 2018. ARPA Mainnet has completed over 224,000 computation tasks in the past years. Our experience in MPC and other cryptography laid the foundation for our innovative threshold BLS signature schemes (TSS-BLS) system design and led us to today’s ARPA Network.

Randcast, a verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG), is the first application that leverages ARPA as infrastructure. Randcast offers a cryptographically generated random source with superior security and low cost compared to other solutions. Metaverse, game, lottery, NFT minting and whitelisting, key generation, and blockchain validator task distribution can benefit from Randcast’s tamper-proof randomness.

For more information about ARPA or to join our team, please contact us at contact@arpanetwork.io.

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