Randcast Launch on Base: Propelling ARPA Network’s Multi-Ecosystem Advancement

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4 min readNov 30, 2023


We are thrilled to share a major achievement — Randcast is now officially launched on Base! This marks the initial phase of our expansion into OP Stack chains and also aligns with our resolve to provide an even more expansive and immersive experience for developers and users in the realm of fully on-chain games and Autonomous Worlds.

Randcast: Unleash Game Devs’ Creativity

​​Games can play a pivotal role in fostering a thriving public chain ecosystem. However, thriving in the on-chain gaming arena demands overcoming multiple challenges, including performance limitations, poor game design, and a high entry threshold for novice players. At the core of some of the aforementioned challenges lies the absence of reliable and developer-friendly tools. Randcast is strategically positioned to alleviate certain pain points by providing effective and dev-friendly on-chain randomness oracle solutions.

Most of all, Randcast stands on a solid foundation of reliability. Randcast achieves this by leveraging multiple nodes within the ARPA Network to generate randomness through BLS Threshold signature tasks. This effectively lowers the chance of manipulation and eradicates single point of failure.

Furthermore, Randcast is dedicated to liberating developers’ time, allowing for enhanced gameplay and creativity. Its dev-friendly Smart Contract SDK can be seamlessly integrated into DApps, offering ready-made functionalities such as dice rolling, array shuffling, in-game item attribute generation, and determining outcomes for lotteries.

Specifically, developers can effortlessly manage Randcast subscriptions via our Subscription Portal, allowing them ample time to dedicate to the game development process. This time-saving approach empowers game developers to focus on crafting compelling storylines, improving gameplay, creating captivating game art, establishing sustainable economics, and optimizing other features to boost Web3 game mass adoption.

Elsewhere, for those who have an immediate need to conduct lucky draws or roll dice, try Randcast Playground now by simply connecting your wallet. For the overall gas cost of the entire randomness generation process, involving multiple interactions with the blockchain, ARPA covers the majority of the expenses. Users only need to pay the gas fee for a single command — requesting random number.

Why Do We Choose Base?

  • Inherits Ethereum and Optimism Features: Combining the strengths of Ethereum and Optimism, Base inherits Ethereum’s robust security features while leveraging Optimism’s advantages, offering a low-cost, fast, stable, and scalable environment;
  • Seamless integration of Randcast: The deployment of Randcast on the Optimism mainnet has provided a strong foundation, facilitating the seamless integration of Randcast on OP Stack Layer 2s with reasonable effort. The smooth and effective integration of Randcast into Base serves as a perfect testament to this capability of ours.
  • Shows Strong Ecosystem Potential: With the backing of Coinbase, Base leverages the reputation garnered by the exchange in the centralized world. This positions the chain to attract Web3 enthusiasts among Coinbase’s 100M+ users, facilitating their transition into the decentralized world. This is anticipated to cultivate a robust ecosystem of DApps.

Stay Tuned for More

Unveiling Randcast on Base is yet another milestone in our expansive journey across multiple ecosystems. This journey continues, fueled by Randcast’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. Alongside researching the integration possibilities with the next OP Stack chain, we’re crafting showcases to further demonstrate Randcast’s utility, and exploring the fields of fully on-chain games and Autonomous Worlds. Meanwhile, to better cultivate the developer community, we’re also contemplating a bug bounty set to launch in the coming weeks.

The path forward is filled with anticipation. Join us as we navigate through its unpredictable turns!

About ARPA

ARPA Network (ARPA) is a decentralized secure computation network built to improve the fairness, security, and privacy of blockchains. ARPA threshold BLS signature network serves as the infrastructure of verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG), secure wallet, cross-chain bridge, and decentralized custody across multiple blockchains.

ARPA was previously known as ARPA Chain, a privacy-preserving Multi-party Computation (MPC) network founded in 2018. ARPA Mainnet has completed over 224,000 computation tasks in the past years. Our experience in MPC and other cryptography laid the foundation for our innovative threshold BLS signature schemes (TSS-BLS) system design and led us to today’s ARPA Network.

Randcast, a verifiable Random Number Generator (RNG), is the first application that leverages ARPA as infrastructure. Randcast offers a cryptographically generated random source with superior security and low cost compared to other solutions. Metaverse, game, lottery, NFT minting and whitelisting, key generation, and blockchain validator task distribution can benefit from Randcast’s tamper-proof randomness.

For more information about ARPA or to join our team, please contact us at contact@arpanetwork.io.

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