The Chinese Academy of Information and Communications(CAICT): Blockchain Needs to be Integrated with Privacy-Preserving Computation

  • Long-term improvement in the blockchain industry and widespread recognition of blockchain core values.
  • A more pragmatic approach to technology development, with a focus on engineering and building a digital ecology.
  • Synergistic development of blockchain and privacy-preserving computation.
  • Blockchain interconnections became the focus, and the prospect of value interconnections is promising.
  • Calls for blockchain to be treated as infrastructure are growing, but the construction model still needs to be explored in depth.
  • Blockchain is not a one-size-fits-all solution and needs to work with multiple technologies to complete the digitization transformation.
  • Evidence preservation applications are developing first and moving towards multi-party collaboration and value transfer applications.
  • The importance of the Blockchain Alliance business model is further highlighted.
  • Government support remains an important driving force for industrial development in the coming period.
  • The relative shortage of talent will persist despite increases in the size of the blockchain workforce.

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