ARPA Monthly Report | September & October Combined Progress Review

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Dear ARPA Community,

To ensure that the ARPA community is well-informed on the team’s latest improvements, we update ARPA’s development dynamics and progress through our monthly report. Thank you all for your support!

Here is a look back at September and October. Enjoy!

01 ARPA Development Dynamics & Technology Progress

  • Designed and implemented Randcast SharedConsumer contract
  • Add retry mechanism for chain provider on ARPA Network node
  • Add deployment script of ARPA Network node
  • Improve publish workflow of ARPA Network node

02 Community, Marketing & Listings

Exclusive Binance Blockchain Week Ticket Giveaway

On October 27th, ARPA gave away two Binance Blockchain Week tickets to show our appreciation to our community! In this exciting giveaway, participants had to repost, tag two friends, and join our social media accounts. The two winners were selected using Randcast on November 1st and received two tickets worth $1,200 in total. Thank you for participating in this giveaway and following our Twitter account. Stay tuned for future campaigns!

Check out the giveaway here.

ARPA To Co-host AW Day With AW Research

On October 26th, ARPA Network announced that we will co-host AW Day with AW Research in Istanbul. AW Day will be held on November 14th. It will consist of exciting panel groups discussing topics such as Fully On-Chain Games in the Autonomous Worlds, Tooling & Infra, WorldBuilding, and Autonomous Worlds Ventures. Co-hosted with ABCDE and Mask Network, sponsored by Starkware, Adventure Gold DAO, and Particle Network, AW Day is the go to event for creators and enthusiasts of the Autonomous Worlds and Fully On-Chain Games.

Register for the event here:

ARPA Network’s CEO Felix Xu on Bithumb’s Talk Drop Show

Bithumb, Korea’s leading exchange, published an interview with ARPA Network’s CEO Felix Xu on October 21st. In this “Talk Drop” series, Felix shared about the use cases of Randcast, updated on the ARPA network and shared about our future plans in the Korean market. Together with this interview, we hosted a 125,000 ARPA token giveaway through a unique coupon code that can be found in the video.

CoinTelegraph Publishes Felix’s Opinion Article: Games Need Decentralized Randomness To Be Fair

Does your RNG have sufficient randomness? Is it secure against tampering and decentralized? In this Cointelegraph opinion article posted on October 20th, ARPA CEO Felix Xu shares the pivotal role of random numbers in the Web3 ecosystem and gives a detailed comparison between Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNGs) and True Random Number Generators (TRNGs). Learn more about his views on randomness in this article.

ARPA Partners With Foresight Ventures To Host DevConnect Hacker House Event

On October 19th, ARPA Network announced its support for Foresight Ventures and OpenBuild in hosting Hacker House, a 10-day event where developers come together to build infrastructure and applications for a future decentralized society. Participants can expect to take part in brainstorming workshops, panel discussions, and summits with industry leaders.

Complimentary accommodation and co-working space will be provided. The complimentary accommodation can hold up to 20 participants, so grab your spot while it’s available!

Sign up for Hacker House here:

ARPA Teamed Up With STP Network To Bring Naming Service to The Autonomous Worlds

On October 19th, we partnered with STP Network, a platform that provides an identity layer for the Autonomous Worlds. This collaboration helped us to secure ARPA’s own Autonomous Worlds Naming Service (AWNS) — AWNS leverages erc6551, an upgrade from the erc721 standard, giving it wallet functionality in addition to being an NFT. In the future, AWNS owners (NFT holders) can navigate the Autonomous Worlds or onboard dApps like games with unique and user-friendly digital identities seamlessly.

Join the waitlist to secure your AWNS here.

ARPA Randcast Is Now Live on Optimism

On October 17th, Randcast went live on the Optimism Network. This release showcases our commitment to building a secure and dynamic experience in the Autonomous Worlds and Fully On-Chain Games domain. More than just a Random Number Generator (RNG), Randcast helps developers generate randomness with confidence using the ARPA network and gives you flexibility in integration. Furthermore, Randcast provides high availability by design and accurate estimates of the fees.

A lack of a native RNG on Optimism Network presents Randcast with the opportunity to be the go-to solution for randomness in this ecosystem. Furthermore, lower gas fees and Optimism Network’s adaptability present an ideal infrastructure for the Autonomous Worlds. This integration serves as the next step for Randcast as a tool for Fully On-Chain Games and Autonomous Worlds.

Check out the video tutorial here. Go to the Randcast documentation to get started.

ARPA Network’s CEO Felix Weighs in on Messari Report

On October 13th, ARPA CEO Felix shared his insights on Messari’s Report which stated that most of Ethereum’s transactions are on L2s. In this Twitter thread, Felix shared three key points:

1) Aside from the Friend Tech sensation, Ethereum and its Layer 2 solutions gained significant traction due to their decentralization and security features. Even when transactions are processed outside the Ethereum mainnet, Layer 2 solutions uphold the same level of security and decentralization, which are vital for both users and developers in the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, on-chain assets often migrate to the secure havens of Ethereum and its Layer 2s from other chains or due to apprehensions regarding cross-chain bridges (for example, the Multichain incident and Harmony bridge hack), further bolstering the dominance of Ethereum in blockchain transactions.

2) DeFi yield farming opportunities are scarce during the bear market. Low-risk reward for storing crypto on a more centralized / technologically inferior chain also drives the inflow of assets to Ethereum and its layer 2s.

3) Rollup as a service (RaaS) provides a seamless experience to launch a rollup. Gaming and DeFi projects can easily build out their ecosystem and narratives with RaaS providers.

Blockworks Guest Post: The Problem With RNGs? They Are Not That Random

In a guest post for Blockworks on September 26th, Felix Xu, the Co-founder of ARPA, discussed the current issues with RNGs. He pointed out that the current RNGs are not that random and contain an underlying structure to their randomness. This is a significant concern because it compromises the randomness of results, making them vulnerable to reverse engineering by malicious actors. Additionally, he elaborated on the consequences that Metaverse creators could face if they don’t use a reliable, flexible, and verifiable RNG in the long run. Read Felix’s guest post here.

Opinion article: Don’t Play Blindly: Educate Yourself on RNG for GameFi and NFTs

Are you curious about the fairness of your GameFi items or NFTs? Do you ever wonder why you have been playing a game for so long, but still fall behind other players? If yes, then our article posted on September 22nd is a must-read for you! We delve into the world of Random Number Generators, explaining the concept in detail, and share with you why it is crucial to use the right RNG when developing games. Additionally, our article provides insights on how to choose the right RNG, so check it out now!

Can Blockchain Kill Cheating In Gaming? Token Gamer Interviews Felix Xu

On September 19th, Token Gamer, a publication that focuses on gaming and Blockchain technology topics, conducted an interview with Felix Xu, the Co-founder of ARPA. In this interview, Felix discussed the importance of using Random Number Generators (RNGs) in Web3 games to maintain fairness among all players. He explained how Randcast, an on-chain verifiable random number generator, is used in gaming, including matchmaking in PVP games, map generation, and divination.

Explore the full interview here.

ARPA at Token2049

It was an eventful week for the ARPA team at Token2049. We co-hosted and participated in a variety of events throughout the week of September 13th. From hosting exclusive after-parties to being the official partner of Hackathons, it was a week of innovation and networking.

The Night of 5A

On September 14th, ARPA was the official partner of “The Night of 5A”, an exclusive after-party held by 5 leading VCs Animoca Ventures, Arcane Group, Alibaba Cloud, ABCDE and ArkStream.

We had an incredible evening at SKAI Restaurant with top VCs and blockchain experts, creating meaningful connections between projects. The atmosphere was perfect for this exciting event!

Web3 Connect Conference

Felix Xu, co-founder of ARPA, served as a mentor at the Web3 Connect Conference by C² Ventures on September 15th. The event was a great success and covered a wide range of topics such as the transition from Web2 to Web3, infrastructure advancements, crypto VC perspectives, and the vast metaverse.

During the event, Felix moderated a roundtable discussion around “Web3 Entertainment” with a star-studded group of panelists from Yield Guild Games, The Sandbox, Find Satoshi Lab, STEPN, Go Gala Games and a special appearance from TRON Founder Justin Sun. At the roundtable, they had an exciting discussion about the immense potential of gaming guilds in shaping the decentralized metaverse. They also explored ‘walk-to-earn’ models and cutting-edge Web3 entertainment business strategies. It was truly insightful, informative, and inspiring.

HackZuzalu Hackathon

ARPA was the platinum sponsor of the HackZuzalu hackathon, a build-focused satellite event. In addition to facilitating innovative building, HackZuzalu hosted various networking events over dinner banquets and Yacht parties from September 11th to September 15th.

The Zuzalu Events showcased the power of community and collaboration. Aspiring developers competed in the Hackathon, while the boat party exuded a laid-back vibe, and the wrap-up dinner was grand and celebratory, capturing the spirit of innovation and togetherness.

Opinion piece: The Technical Foundations of Web3 Adoption — Intuitive UX and Convenience

Web3 adoption requires more than just groundbreaking technology. It is crucial for projects and ecosystems to provide users with an intuitive user experience. An opinion article published on September 15th explores the intricacies and innovative possibilities of web3, encompassing topics ranging from blockchain to the difficulties of onboarding. The article delves into how to strike a balance between convenience and resilience when developing in Web3.

Anyone with an interest in decentralization and technology’s impact on our world should read this:

Launch of ARPA Randcast Subscription Portal

On September 13th, we launched the ARPA Randcast subscription portal,an intuitive GUI to check important info, manage subscriptions and consumer contracts, and view historical randomness requests and events. With the launch of the subscription portal, all you need is a web browser and browser extension wallet like Metamask to request randomness using Randcast.

The entire process of generating randomness using Randcast involves 6 crucial steps

  1. Create a Subscription
  2. Fund the Subscription
  3. Build & Deploy Consumer Contract
  4. Add Consumer to Subscription
  5. Request Randomness
  6. Check Randomness Result

Start using the Randcast subscription portal.

Opinion Article: Why Do We Build Randcast?

“God does not play dice, but you can… With a bang, we were born. Upon randomness, we build.” The Metaverse has not become the vision it was set out to be. It has become controlled by centralized entities building virtual worlds. ARPA Randcast was created to breathe new life into Autonomous Worlds, the concept of free and open worlds where anyone is free to join and create together. In this opinion article published on September 12th, we explain the reasons behind the creation of Randcast and its various use cases.

Read it all here:

Exclusive Interview With Felix Xu: The Crucial Role of Randomness in Gaming

In an exclusive interview with CryptoSlate on September 11th, Felix Xu, Co-founder of ARPA, shared his insights on the importance of randomness in Web3 gaming. He answered questions about how ARPA Randcast maintains decentralization and security, as well as the benefits of Randcast’s automatic gas estimation feature.

Furthermore, Felix explained in detail how the BLS threshold signature tasks that ARPA network nodes perform use a mechanism that ensures the resulting signature is intact and secure. He also shared how BLS signatures are intrinsically verifiable and random, ensuring that the final randomness result cannot be tampered with.

Read the full interview here:

Opinion Article: Web3 Adoption Is Impossible Without Intuitive UX and Convenience

Mass adoption of Web3 has been a popular topic of discussion, however, it has not yet been achieved. While Web3 projects and protocols offer decentralization, the user experience has not matched up to the standards of Web2 giants like Google, Meta, and Microsoft.

By building Web3 products only for tech-savvy individuals, it makes it difficult for normal users to access and use Web3. In an opinion piece published on on September 6th, ARPA co-founder Felix Xu discussed the importance of meeting users where they are and striking a balance between convenience and resilience.

ARPA Network & Bella Protocol Turkish Community Giveaways

ARPA and Bella Protocol collaborated to organize a series of mini giveaways for our Turkish community from September 4th to September 10th. The campaign aimed to express our gratitude to our Turkish community by rewarding participants with cash prizes and attractive swag for successfully completing the campaign tasks.

ARPA at Korea Blockchain Week

Co-Hosted “Into the Autonomous World” Meetup With Adventure Gold Dao

On September 4th, Adventure Gold DAO hosted a highly engaging and informative meetup for enthusiasts and professionals in the blockchain gaming and Autonomous Worlds (AW) sector. This event was specifically designed for builders, investors, and individuals interested in the evolving landscape of blockchain games and AW. As a proud event sponsor, ARPA played a significant role in shaping the discussions. Fay Fu, ARPA’s Operations Lead, shared ARPA’s vision and plans with the attendees. Her presence underscored ARPA’s commitment to advancing blockchain technology and its applications in gaming.

ARPA Co-Hosted an Exclusive VIP Mixer With Delysium and Google Cloud

On September 6th, during the vibrant Korea Blockchain Week, ARPA proudly partnered with Delysium, a leading AI-powered open-world framework, to co-host a landmark event. ARPA has recently partnered with Delysium, starting with integrating ARPA Randcast, a secure on-chain verifiable random number generator (RNG) into the Delysium ecosystem.

Randcast, a secure on-chain verifiable random number generator (RNG), was a highlight of the event. It represents a leap forward in ensuring fairness and creativity in virtual environments. The event was not just a showcase of this innovative technology but also a convergence of minds and ideas, attended by other influential partners including Google Cloud, Xterio Games, Mirror World, and Hooked Protocol.

Co-Hosted Korea Buidlers Night With Conflux Network, DODO, Mask Network and More

On September 6th, ARPA co-hosted Korea Buidlers Night, a premier tech event that brought together leading innovators in the industry, such as DODO, Conflux Network and Mask Network to name a few. This event facilitated great networking opportunities for each project to network.



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